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Engineering Manager

Riley Williams

If something is broken at BFM, Riley is probably to blame. She is a 2nd year CompSci student who's music taste was once described as "Audible Whiplash". While not at BFM she can also be found at LA1tv, also breaking stuff there.

PR & Marketing Manager

Erin Craine

Erin (She/They) enjoys the simple things in life; crossword puzzles, platform shoes, and pretending she’s not in her Master’s year. When not at Bailrigg FM, she can be found making soup, sewing, or eating crisps.

BFM Members

Alex Ashley

Alex Ashley (he/him) is a mysterious man. His interest vary from nerding out over the Eurovision lighting arrangements to randomly bursting into Top 40 songs. When not in the station, nobody knows what he does.