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Music Director

Erin Strom

Erin Strom (they/she) is Music Director at Bailrigg FM, they co-ordinate the music team and decide what's played on air! They've conducted interviews with various artists including friend of the station Frank Turner and Lowes. Erin also has a weekly requests show Mondays from 8-9pm. Got any music suggestions? Let Erin know at [email protected]! Fun Fact: Erin once sprained their wrist listening to Peter Kay's animated all star band featuring Bob the Builder.

BFM Members

Sam Hedges

Hi, my name is Sam (he/him). I have been a member of Bailrigg FM since March 2023! I have worked on a number of committees within the uni including the LGBTQ+ forum, and will be the VP for Education for 2023-2024.

Social Secretary

Eve Waters

Eve (She/Her) is a criminology and french studies student and one of Bailrigg’s resident angsty teens. She is on the music team as well as BFM's social sec and host of the Eyeliner Hour and Prêt à Parler.

BFM Members

Eve Harding

Eve (She/Her) is a second year film student and is the station manager of LA1TV. She aims to work in a management position in film or television. She enjoys working on documentary films in her spare time and likes to discuss topics related to musicals, films, animals and travel.

BFM Members

Grace Cooke

Grace (She/Her) is a French and Linguistics student who hosts Cover to Cover and co-hosts Prêt à Parler with Eve and Lizzie. She decided to learn a Norwegian because her favourite cheese comes from that country.

BFM Members

Jamie Knott

Jamie (He/Him) is a 3rd year English Lit student and BFM's resident swiftie. He's also a member of feminist society, where he is on the exec as social secretary. In his free time he loves to play video games and guitar.